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Pipe & Cable Location of Underground Services

We are a Telstra accredited locator

Dial before you dig - locating pipes and cables to avoid costly repairs

When you need to know the location of an underground pipe or cable, contact Symes Contracting on 0427 215 600 or email us at We offer a range of services that will suit your needs from electronic location to potholing.

Symes Contracting Services has $20 million public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Using the latest electronic locator to locate services such as gas, telecommunications, power and conduit pipes, made of steel or copper, their position can be indicated on the surface. Approximate depth is measured where permitted.

If you need to visualise the position and depth of these services as well as non conductive services like optic fibres, plastic, concrete pipes, we use high pressure water and a vacuum truck to create a small inspection hole. This avoids the risk of damage when using mechanical means, including a shovel! This is called non destructive digging or potholing.

Past locating works have been performed for households, businesses, construction sites, earthmoving contractors, plumbers, electricians, engineers and council survey works.

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